Inside out


It seems so strange to our eyes, but at the time they couldn’t see things otherwise, the healer explained, talking mind-to-mind to a handful of apprentice healers around the world. They came at the body from the outside. It wasn’t simply that they didn’t have our techniques to enter the body with their minds. All their knowledge was buried in books, in scientific papers and in data gathered by machines. They kept new healers away from people in need of healing. They would have been horrified if anyone had tried to heal others without all that knowledge, whereas, in reality, it blocked access to what they really needed to know.

But they did attempt to get inside the body, a healer from New Mexico pointed out.

They did indeed, Tina, the healer replied, his thoughts bright with a smile. At first, they could only do so by damaging the body, cutting it open with what they called a scalpel, a very sharp knife. The studious atmosphere of the group immediately clouded with distaste, as a wave of disapproval surged between them. The healer had to intervene, draining off the negative emotions till a more propitious climate prevailed. Then they developed tools that showed pictures of inside the body. Alas, those techniques kept the body at a distance and granted no useful access to the mass of knowledge available in it.

If I remember rightly, a healer in Australia said, as he rummaged through his memories, they knew key information resided in each cell.

You are quite right, Martin. They called it genetic information and they went to great pains to decipher it. Rather like what they called dissection, the cutting up of bodies to see what was inside … Several people gasped mentally in horror at the thought. … they broke down the genes into small bits of information that they were able to record, but in doing so they rendered the information lifeless and useless. From their extrinsic point of view, they could not grasp the meaning of the vast store of information contained in every part of the body. 

We know you can only usefully access that information from within, a healer from India began. A few of them had the ability to mentally enter someone’s body, so why didn’t they learn to heal?

That’s a good question, Suresh. The answer lies, I believe, in their attitude. They were mistrustful. How could a body that could get ill, possibly know how to cure itself? They treated it by cutting away pieces or feeding it with dangerous chemicals. Once again, a shock wave of disapproval flowed through their minds threatening the harmony of the group. But this time the healer did not need to intervene. The group found its own equilibrium.

That the body not only contained all the knowledge, but also the intrinsic force needed to cure itself was completely alien to them. Even if they had our techniques, they would have been unwilling or unable to use them. The few who did have access to that information were called irresponsible and were persecuted.

Knowing how aggressive they were, it’s probably good they didn’t have our type of healing, Suresh thought. It would have been worse than their knives and chemicals. Suresh began to pull up images of what might have happened, but the healer interrupted.

That’s the good thing about it, he replied, delighted at Suresh’s comment, although not at his imaginings. We use the positive forces of the body to heal. Those forces naturally work against attempts to inflict damage. Doing harm is always linked to an ignorance of the fundamental blueprint inscribed in each cell.

Enough talk, he thought, let’s do some healing. Are you all ready to travel? He knew they were, but it was customary to ask. It gave people a moment to shield those parts of their mind they didn’t want others to see. Now, let’s hold hands. It was a convenient metaphor for the moment when their minds joined together. As there are going to be quite a few of us in the person’s body, I ask you to keep your presence as small as possible. Good. Now come and join me.

Before beginning his work, he greeted the patient who was lying in the bed next to him. “Good morning Linda. I trust your leg is not hurting too much.”

“It’s been fine, healer, ever since you calmed the pain,” the young woman said. “I’m just impatient. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Well, I am here to heal your leg, so you won’t need to be impatient much longer. Could I ask you to shield those parts of your mind you do not want others to see.” 

Such shielding was common knowledge. People learnt it as kids. When she had finished, he continued. “I am joined by a couple of colleagues who will be watching in on the healing. Don’t worry about them, they are all well behaved.”

She smiled. Good morning, she said, switching to mind-to-mind communication, and welcome. I hope there will be enough room in my head for you all. Ripples of laughter went through the minds present.

He jumped mentally into her body, pulling the others along with him. Aware that they were all present and calm, he quickly checked the state of the patient, sharing his impressions and feelings with everyone except the patient herself.

He focussed in on the multiple fractures in her left leg. Feel how these bones are broken here … here … and here, he thought to the other healers, letting them feel and see what he saw. Feel it for yourself but do not try to exert any influence on it. He watched through each of their minds as they reached out and explored the broken bones. Many of them were quite good at it, others were more hesitant and unsure of themselves. Now I am going to access the body’s store of knowledge. Note how the bones and tissues should be. While I do this I will not speak to you mind-to-mind, but you will have access to my thoughts and feelings. Use them to explore how these bones ought to fit together but do not try to change the bones yourself.

He was always amazed at the way the body knew exactly how it should be. It was rather like a living blueprint. But more than that there was an uncanny force in that knowledge. If unleashed, it naturally shifted everything back into its rightful place and redressed any damage. He lingered a moment so they had the time to experience that feeling and explore the knowledge. He himself hardly bothered with it. All he had to do was gently coax the force free so that it could work on its own.

You will all have sensed the force waiting to heal the body, he thought to them. In fact several had not. He would have to take them aside later and foster that awareness in them. I am going to release that force now so that it can shift the bones back into place and knit them together. It will also repair all the damage you can see around the bones in the muscles, tendons, tissues and other nerves and vessels. This was the part he enjoyed the most. It was like magic. Only the slightest effort was required on his part, the body did all the rest.

He spoke directly into the patient’s mind. You will have a strange feeling in your leg, Linda, as the bones and muscles return to their rightful place, but that will not hurt you. He returned his attention to the body’s work. It was almost complete, only a small amount of blood from internal bleeding remained to be absorbed. We will leave you now, he thought to the patient. Your leg is healed. I know you have a lot to do, but I suggest you take it easy for the next few days. You are likely to be tired. Rest and eat well.

He felt an immense wave of gratitude fill the person as she said timidly: Thank you.

The above short story portrays a vision of the future about health, learning and knowledge that is inspired by a short extract from a novel, entitled Boy & Girl.   Alan McCluskey, Saint-Blaise, April 3rd, 2012.

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  1. A fascinating scene, not unlike where I see today’s alternative medicine heading. They say that the body naturally heals itself if we would only get our memories and emotions out of the way. It sounds like you may be familiar with the Silva Method. If not you will be intrigued by what they can do.

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