The Full Moon


Lie on your back, but keep you eyes open,” the voice said. “Good. Now steady your breathing. No don’t force it. Just relax and let your muscles work on their own.” The voice itself seemed to calm as it continued. “Concentrate on the Moon. Not just with your eyes, but also your ears, your nose, your mouth, your skin...” What had seemed at first a deep masculine voice had shifted imperceptibly, its tone rising gradually till it was more like a woman speaking. “Listen carefully. Can you hear the song of the Moon? That’s it. In the silence, in the gaps between the sounds. Concentrate effortlessly on that. Drink it.” The mutation of the voice continued, dividing and subdividing till it was more like a female chorus whispering its message. “Now taste the sound of the Moon as it floats by. Easy does it. Don’t try to make things happen. Let the Moon come to you. She will. She wants to. She wants you.” The words were no longer spoken, but rather sung softly in celestial chords that went beyond a mass of individual voices. It was like nectar. “Let her caress you. Feel her light brush your skin. Gently. A first touch.” Liquid, the voice came from every direction at once, insinuating its way unopposed into his body by every possible path. “Now. Now is the time to yield. Let go. Feel her tender embrace, warm and inviting. Let yourself be carried away by it. Embrace the flow till you are one with it and it is you.

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